Clogged Toilet Frisco

Know When It Is Time To Call A Plumber For Your Clogged Toilet In Frisco

A clogged toilet is something that happens to everyone on occasion. Very often it’s just a matter of having used too much toilet paper or something similar and a plunger may well do the trick. Sometimes, however, no matter what you do you can’t seem to get the toilet unclogged. When that happens then it’s time to call on a plumber.

Reasons That A Toilet Might Get Clogged That Will Require A Plumber

It is increasingly common for homes to have low flush toilets that are designed to conserve water. In the past, a typical toilet would use up to 5 gallons of water with every flush. The newer low flush toilets will commonly use only two gallons. The newest ones seem to work okay but the first generation toilets designed to minimize the amount of water used when flushed often cause water pressure to be too low. If you have one of these first-generation toilets designed to reduce the amount of water with every flush then it may be the root cause of your clogged toilet.

The reason that these cause the toilets to become backed up is simply that they don’t have enough water pressure to be able to allow the waist to flow freely through the drain. Because of this, the toilet regularly and routinely gets backed up. In some cases, it might be possible to increase the water flow in these toilets and in other situations, it might be necessary to update the toilet to one of the newer versions of toilets made to reduce the amount of water used with every flush.

When the tank does not fill up with enough water after flushing it is another major cause that leads to a backed-up toilet. If you have ever used a toilet that wouldn’t flush and then you got a bucket of water and poured it into the toilet and it flushed then this demonstrates how it needs sufficient water. If there is something that is causing the toilet to fail to fill up its tank after being flushed then you might find that the toilet is regularly backed up.

The reason for this is simply that there isn’t enough pressure being created because there isn’t enough water and therefore the toilet can’t flush efficiently. The solution is to figure out how to get the tank to fill up more. In most cases, a homeowner will not be able to do this and it will require the help of a professional plumber.

Hard Water May Be The Problem

Very few homeowners recognize that hard water may be causing their toilet to become backed up. This happens because the hard water has minerals that calcify and essentially blocks the drain pipes of the toilet similar to the way that a person’s arteries get clogged which then leads to a heart attack. Just as with the arteries, the blood can’t flow and in the plumbing, if enough calcification accumulates then the water and other things being flushed can’t flow either.

This is absolutely a situation that will not be resolved by a typical homeowner. It will require having any buildup of calcification removed and then for a long-term solution a water softener should be installed. If the water available to the home is this type of hard water then for a long-term solution having a water softener installed is the only choice.

If a homeowner doesn’t want to install a water softener then they will have to accept the fact that the calcification will build up again and they will need to call the plumber back out to have it removed. This will have to continue to be done periodically until the homeowner is prepared to have a water softener installed.

Smartphones Are Not Designed To Be Flushed

It is incredibly surprising how many people accidentally drop their smartphones or other similar objects in the toilet. If they’ve just got done using number two then they’re completely grossed out by the notion of reaching their hand in there and getting the object out. Even if they have rubber gloves that are available there are some homeowners that just can’t bring themselves to stick their hand in there.

Unfortunately, there are a number of homeowners that then make the decision to try and just flush the toilet thinking that the object will go down. Something like a cell phone was never designed to be flushed down the toilet and simply won’t go. If the homeowner tries to flush it, it will jam up the drain and make it clogged.

If there really isn’t a way that you can reach your hand in there and pull out the object then you definitely want to call a plumber rather than trying to flush it. If you have tried to flush it and it’s gotten jammed in there then that too may be a reason that you must call on a plumber to help. There’s no need to feel embarrassment because plumbers have dealt with this many times before you and they will many times after you.

Children’s Toys And Other Foreign Objects

Adults and their smartphones are not the only objects that go into the toilet and clog it up. Children love to play and water is something that they can float their toys in and for this reason, young children and toddlers may get toys stuck in the toiletGorgeous legal age teenager porn sites – hardcore, hot-fucking, pov-sex. Without realizing it they may then try and flush the toilet and get something jammed in there.

Children’s toys, various types of trash and other similar items can easily clog the toilet up in a way that a plunger will never fix. This will most often require the help and assistance of a professional plumber with the right tools. The good news is that plumbers are used to dealing with these types of issues and they can typically take care of it without any big hassle.

Problems With The Septic Tank

There are several factors that might cause a problem with the toilet when there are issues with the septic tank. If it is full or some aspect of it is broken then these are issues that can cause a toilet to back up. There’s also a problem with some systems that have slowed down and because they don’t turn over fast enough it causes the toilet to clog.

There’s really no way that a do-it-yourselfer or typical homeowner would be able to fix this type of problem. The only way to fix a septic system is by calling on a plumber in Frisco. They will need to come out and inspect your system and then they can tell you what’s wrong and what they could do to fix it.

Although in many ways a toilet is a fairly simple mechanism it is connected to a complex plumbing system in your home. There are certainly many times where a clogged toilet can be resolved with a plunger and a little effort. Even so, there are many times where it will be necessary to call on a quality plumber in Frisco.

Whenever you encounter a problem with your toilet and you find that it’s clogged up then you need to determine whether or not it’s something that you can handle or if it’s a situation that will require a professional. The reason it’s important that you consider both of these options is that there are some situations where you can do more damage than good and it will save you time and money by calling on a plumber from the beginning. There’s no reason to take a chance when a quality plumber in Frisco is just a phone call away.