About Municipal Sanitary Sewers


A sanitary sewer is an enclosed and underground sewage carriage system.  It transports sewage from houses and commercial buildings through a system of pipes to either a purification or recycling facility.


About Residential Drain-Waste-Vent Systems


Every home has a Drain-Waste-Vent system (DWV).  The DWV system:


  • Removes sewage and waste from a building via drains and sewer lines
  • Regulates air pressure in the waste-system pipes to aid waste free flow, and
  • Prevents the flow of sewer gases into a home


Waste is produced at fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and showers, and exits the fixtures through a trap, a dipped section of pipe that always contains water.


DWV System Plumbing


The DWV system has three primary plumbing components including:


  • Drains that receive all waste discharged by plumbing fixtures such as toilets, tubs, and sinks and carries the waste to where it connects with the main stack and sewer line
  • Sewer or main lines remove waste from a home and transports it to where it connects to the municipal sanitary sewer system, and
  • Vents that connect to the drain-waste piping, and remove or exhaust sewer gases and allow air to enter the system so that the wastewater flows freely


The pipes of the DWV system are usually out of sight - hidden in the walls, beneath the floors, and in the attic.  All plumbing fixtures that connect to the drainage system should drain instantaneously and without restriction.  To help ensure the free flow of waste and sewage, GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, offers a comprehensive and full set of drainage system services.



All plumbing fixtures that connect to the drainage/DWV system should empty instantaneously and without restriction. 


To help ensure the free flow of greywater and sewage, GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, offers a comprehensive and full set of sewer line services including:


  • Clog clearing - Any type of clog is cleared in any sewer line component
  • Sewer Line Cleaning - Specialized equipment is used to clear clogs and clean the sewer line right down to its inner walls
  • Replacement - All sewer line type DWV components are replaced, when and if required, from the sanitary sewer to the home’s drain system
  • Installation- New sewer line pipes, fittings and other components installed due to new construction, renovations, remodels or repairs
  • Video Inspections – Sewer line piping is inspected by inserting a camera into sewer pipes to determine their general condition and to identify any current or future problems Repair –All sewer line type components are repaired when cracked, broken, have separated joints, or other defective conditions when warranted
  • Maintenance – Sewer lines are cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to identify and fix any current or future DWV related problems and to ensure the free flow of sewage and waste
  • General Sewer Line Plumbing – All installation, repair and replacement services are provided for all drainage system components such as pipes, fittings, traps, toilets, and more


Contact GPS Plumbing for all your DWV system plumbing needs.  Our services make the DWV plumbing better!


Clog Introduction


One of the most common drainage system problems is clogs.  A clog is an obstruction in the drainage system that inhibits or blocks the flow of sewage and waste.  A clog is a very serious problem, one that should be considered a plumbing emergency and cleared as quickly as possible.  When drains clog or become partially blocked:


  • Waste removal capabilities are significantly reduced or prevented
  • Waste backups into fixtures and create an unsanitary home environment


If you have a clogged sewer line avoid if possible or minimize the use of toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures until a professional plumber such as GPS Plumbing clears the clog and returns the DWV system back to its optimal working condition.


We are experts at clearing:


  • The most difficult clog regardless of its cause, be it refuge, grease, tree roots or other types of debris
  • Any drainage related stoppage irrespective of its location


GPS Plumbing will find the clog and clear the clog quickly and efficiently by either:


  • Clearing the sewer line using a flexible plumber’s snake that dislodges and removes any blockage or obstruction or
  • Clearing and cleaning the sewer line using a specialty-plumbing tool with a flexible steel cable, and rotating cutting blades.  The blades spin as they travel through drain pipes and dislodge and remove any blockage or obstruction, while simultaneous cleaning the pipes down to their inner wall. 


Contact GPS Plumbing-Unclogging Experts


When you need help with a clogged sewer line contact GPS Plumbing!  GPS Plumbing will:


  • Quickly diagnose the problem
  • Provide a solution, and
  • Offer an honest and fixed price estimate for the clog clearing service.


Our complete line of DWV system services make your plumbing better.