A garbage disposal is an electromechanical plumbing appliance that mounts under the kitchen sink and connects to the Drain-Waste-Vent System (drainage system) between the sink’s drain and trap. The unit uses centrifugal force created by a spinning turntable and rotating blades to turn food scraps into liquid waste that is small enough to transit a home’s drainage system without clogging it.  Running water subsequently flushes the waste out of the unit and into the drain-waste-vent system for carriage to a municipal sanitary sewer or septic tank.




The benefits of a home garbage disposal are:


  • Environmental - The unit keeps food waste, which is 20% of all household waste, out of landfills where it may contribute to the production of greenhouse gases.  With a garbage disposal, waste will either break down naturally in a septic tank or enter the municipal water treatment system, where it may eventually be converted into renewable energy and or fertilizer
  • Energy efficiency - Though there are a wide range of models and sizes to fit the needs of any household, all garbage disposal systems use minimal amounts of water (approximately one gallon per person per day) and nominal electricity, (less than $2.00/year)
  • Safety and longevity - When properly installed and operated, a garbage disposal has a useful life of 10+ years.
  • Kitchen Hygiene - By eliminating much of the bagged-food waste in a home, garbage disposals improve kitchen hygiene and sanitation by reducing foul odors, insects and other pests found in garbage containers


Common Problems


Being an electromechanical device, it is subject to malfunction due to:


  • Clogs
  • Faulty parts
  • Electrical problems (on-off switch, tripped breakers, bad wiring)
  • Lodged objects
  • Aging
  • Misuse
  • Improper installation
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Inadequate size, and
  • Other causes


When to Call GPS Plumbing


If you are experiencing any of the following contact GPS Plumbing.


  • The disposal is making loud, unusual sounds while running
  • The disposal stops running before you turn it off
  • The disposal will not turn on
  • The unit will not turn off
  • The motor hums but the disposal is not working
  • Water is pooling underneath the disposal
  • Water is leaking from the disposal
  • Water is backing up into the sink (a clogged or leaking disposals can cause damage to your cabinets, create mold or bacteria build up which could cause health issues to you and your family


When a garbage disposal becomes interoperable, clogged, noisy, or does not work, it is time to contact a plumbing professional - GPS Plumbing.  We are garbage disposal experts and will be happy assist you with any problematic unit.  We provide the very best garbage disposal repair, replacement and installation services.


GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, provides a complete set of garbage disposal:


  • Repair
  • Replacement, and
  • Installation services.


Repair Services


We fix all garbage disposal problems that including the most common, such as:


  • Clogs
  • Jams.
  • Dull blades and
  • Leaks.


Please contact GPS Plumbing to clear cogs and jams, fix dull blades, find and repair leaks, or fix any other garbage disposal problem.  Call us today at (469) 200 - 5668 for any garbage disposal repair or contact us online.


Replacement Services


Most DFW area homes had builder-grade and inexpensive garbage disposals installed by the Home Builder.  Builder-grade units are typically underpowered, contain inferior metals that corrode and deteriorate over time and usually have lower quality electrical components.  Consequently, builder grade units, over time, tend to:


  • Clog
  • Emit strange noises
  • Leak
  • Experience electrical problems (i.e., won’t turn on or off)
  • Cause sinks to drain slowly or not at all
  • Release foul and unpleasant odors


If you experience any of these problems, it may be time to replace the garbage disposal.  Prompt replacement of a malfunctioning or inoperable garbage disposal helps ensure a sanitary and healthy kitchen.  We service almost all major brands of garbage disposals including the following most commonly found brands:


  • InSinkErator
  • Waste King
  • General Electric
  • KitchenAid
  • Whirlpool
  • Moen
  • Sears Kenmore, and
  • Others


Installation Services


New kitchen garbage disposal installations are complex and more involved than just a replacement or repair.  New units require:


  • A dedicated under sink 120 VAC, 20-amp, electrical outlet.  (GPS Plumbing does not add new electrical outlets and recommends that a licensed electrician be retained to install the electrical outlet if one is not present)
  • New and additional drain fittings and connections
  • A sink cutout for the disposal unit


Our installation services include:


  • Help with selecting a new or replacement unit that best satisfies all your requirements (size, price, brand, etc.)
  • Removal and discard of the old unit and all its associated plumbing components
  • Installing the sink flange, mounting ring
  • Mounting the garbage disposal unit
  • Plumbing the drain line connection
  • Connecting the power cord to the power supply
  • Testing for leaks to ensure a leak free installation and a properly working unit
  • Tips on appropriate maintenance and use to help ensure the longevity of the unit
  • Clean-up of any debris created by the installation


Call GPS Plumbing


GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, offers a complete set of garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement services.  If your garbage disposal is jammed, noisy, broke, leaks, of if you need a new unit installed, it is time to contact GPS Plumbing.  We provide the very best garbage disposal services in the DFW metroplex!