Gas Plumbing

Natural gas, or gas, is an odorless, colorless, flammable gas.  It is non-toxic and lighter than air.  Although domestic gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources, it is composed mostly of methane, a component that makes it extremely flammable. 


The local gas company adds a rotten egg-smelling additive to aid in leak detection.  Natural gas is clean, efficient, and relatively safe but be aware of:


  • The gas line dangers
  • Leak warning signs
  • Safety tips and
  • Prevention recommendations.


Gas Plumbing


Although many building and homeowners only associate plumbers with water and waste, plumbers also repair, replace, and install gas-plumbing systems for natural gas. 


The Gas Delivery System (GDS) or the gas plumbing on the building side of gas meter includes the:


  • Gas Line (GL) – the underground gas pipe that runs between the gas meter and the connection to the Gas Supply System
  • Gas Supply System (GSS)  the intra-building pipes that delivery gas to gas consuming appliances and fixtures


GPS Plumbing, a full service plumbing company, offers a comprehensive set of gas- plumbing services – from installing new gas lines, to finding and fixing leaks, to hooking up gas appliances, to relocating gas lines due to remodels, and more – we do it all.

Gas Plumbing Services


If you are looking for help with the installation of gas lines to new appliances or repair of existing lines, valves, or gas fittings/components you will appreciate the friendly, professional service and great value you receive from GPS Plumbing.  


We are competent and experienced in gas line plumbing and offer a comprehensive and complete set of detection, repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services.


Our gas line services focus on:


  • Leak Detection and Repair – We find and fix gas leaks in GL and GSS pipes, fittings, valves, and other gas plumbing components
  • GL Plumbing – We repair, replace and installation gas lines from the meter to the GSS
  • GSS Plumbing - We repair and install new or replacement gas lines, supply lines, and gas valves, and other gas plumbing components for gas cooktops, ranges, dryers, outside BBQ grills, swimming pool heaters, space heaters, furnaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, mood lighting, spa heaters, other appliances for new or remodeling projects.
  • Gas Line Sizing - We size any gas line for any gas appliance or fixture
  • Gas Line Maintenance - We can provide an annual service that finds and fixes problems before they become a gas leak


Whether you need your gas piping repaired, replaced or a completely new line installed, GPS Plumbing is the right choice for all you gas plumbing needs.  We are licensed, insured, honest, clean, professional, experienced, and competent in all phases of gas line plumbing. 


More About Gas Plumbing


Gas Appliances


A gas appliance is any device that utilizes natural gas as a fuel or as raw material to produce light, heat, power, steam, refrigeration, or air conditioning.  Examples of gas appliance are stoves, ovens, clothes dryers, furnaces, outdoor grills, mood lighting, and air conditioners.


Gas Leaks


If you smell rotten eggs or a sulfuric smell, this is a clear indication that you have a gas leak.  Caution is the best policy when it comes to gas leaks; the slightest spark, even a static shock can cause the leaking gas to explode.


Gas Leak Safety Tips


If you suspect a gas leak, follow these safety tips:


  • Do not attempt to locate the leak yourself
  • Leave the vicinity immediately but do not use an automated door.  Leave the door open behind you to ventilate the premises
  • Warn others to leave the premises, and do not allow others to enter
  • Do not turn off or on any electric switches, thermostats, or appliance controls -  they may cause sparks that can ignite leaking gas
  • Do not start or stop an engine
  • Do not smoke or use any open flames
  • From a safe distance, call the Gas Company and 9-1-1
  • When digging outside, if you damage a natural gas line, call the utility immediately.  Do not attempt to repair the line yourself
  • Contact GPS Plumbing when the Gas Company shuts off the gas and determines  that the gas leak is somewhere beyond the gas meter and the repair is now the responsibility of the building owner