Full-Service Plumbing is the business of providing customers with a complete set of plumbing services for all the residential plumbing systems including the:


  • Water Distribution System (WDS)
  • Drain-Waste-Vent System (DWV)
  • Gas Distribution System (GDS)
  • Fixtures and Appliances (F&A)


Water Distribution System (WDS)


The WDS that transports potable water:


  • From a water supply source or company/water main
  • To a building and all hot and cold indoor and outdoor water dispensing plumbing fixtures or appliances.


Drain-Waste-Vent System (DWV)


The DWV system carries greywater and waste:


  • From plumbing fixtures, plumbing appliances, and buildings
  • To a sanitary sewer or septic system


Gas Distribution System (GDS)


The GDS that transports gas:


  • From a gas supply source/gas main
  • To a building and all gas type plumbing fixtures or appliances.


Fixtures and Appliances (F&A)


A plumbing system component:


  • That performs a specific plumbing function – plumbing fixture and connect to the WDS or DWV system (example functions performed include dispensing potable water or gas, accepting waste for removal, heating water, or disposing of food waste), or
  • Enables a particular use – appliances connect to the WDS or DWV system are their control is dependent upon one or more energized components such as a motor, controller or heating element



Full-Service Plumbing also includes additional plumbing services that focus on the plumbing of rooms, devices, appliances, or fixtures plus inspections and code corrections.  Some of the specific services are associated with one or more of the four plumbing systems, so are listed under each applicable plumbing system.



We also provide a host of other services that make your plumbing better including:


  • Plumbing inspections and code corrections
  • Remodel plumbing – change or add plumbing fixtures, water systems or gas systems
  • Plumbing inspections – inspect building’s plumbing and document code violations
  • Plumbing code violations – finding and fixing plumbing problems that are out of compliance with plumbing codes
  • General plumbing maintenance – period inspections, cleaning, and repairing of home plumbing systems
  • New construction plumbing – install all new fixtures, WDS, DWV and GDS systems
  • Other – from fixing water hammering problems, to installing hot water circulating pumps to consultation services



GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, delivers a complete set of:


  • Installation
  • Repair and
  • Replacement services


for all plumbing systems and we specialize in residential plumbing and water heater replacement services.


Our full-service plumbing services includes the:


  • Repair, installation, and replacement of faucets, toilets, water heaters, garbage disposals, water and gas lines
  • Finding fixing of any leak in any plumbing systems
  • Repiping of a home if and when necessary
  • Clearing of drain and sewer line clogs
  • Installation, repair or placement of water and sewer lines
  • Cleaning of drain and sewer line plumbing/piping
  • Repair and replacement of water and sewer lines
  • Finding and fixing of gas leaks
  • Finding and fixing of slab leaks
  • Installation and repair of residential water filtration systems
  • Location and repair of slab leaks, and
  • Normalization of high and low water pressure conditions
  • Installation or replacement of thermal expansion tanks
  • Installation and replacement of dishwasher, hot water recirculating system, icemaker, instant hot water dispenser plumbing components and more


Distinctions - GPS Plumbing is a multi-year Super Service Award Winner.  The award is given for outstanding customer service.


Employee Information – All employees wear uniforms, drive branded and clearly marked vehicles, and must pass background and drug tests prior to their hire.


Pricing – By the job and flat rate