A hot water recirculation system is a supplementary whole home plumbing system that recirculates hot water to and from a water heater and a home’s hot water plumbing fixtures.  The system enables the delivery of hot water without any prolonged wait times – hot water is instantaneously available when a tap is opened.    


These systems use a pump and other system components to:



Types of Hot Water Recirculation Systems


Hot water recirculation systems are classified as either:


  • Traditional, or
  • Retrofit




This system is composed of a:


  • A pump and
  • Dedicated return line (that extends from the furthest fixture from the water heater and back)


Traditional type systems are installed during the new construction phase of home building.




This system type, retrofits to a home’s existing water supply system.  Pumps are used to:


  • Pull heated water from the water heater and
  • Push the cooled water back to the water over existing cold-water pipes for reheating. 


Retrofit hot water recirculation systems are specifically designed for use in homes already constructed and where a dedicated return line is non-existent or impractical to install.




Hot water recirculation system pumps are either:


  • Always on and run 24 x7
  • Timer controller and only run as programmed
  • Thermostatically controlled and run only when the water temperature in the pipe cools below a certain point, or
  • Manually controlled and run only when requested by depressing an electric switch (button) or when a person enters a room with a dedicated motion sensor. 


Why Install a How Water Recirculation System


Install a hot water recirculation system when:


  • Water conservation is of paramount interest or an environmental concern
  • The convenience of instantly available hot water is sought, or
  • Reductions in water related costs are desirable


Other Considerations


When considering the installation of a hot water recirculation system consider the:


  • First and installation cost of the system
  • Incremental cost of running the pump
  • Incremental reduction in water bills
  • Conservation affects and the amount of water conserved by not waiting for hot water (estimated between 10,000 – 12,000 gallons per year for a family of four)
  • Convenience factor and the amount of time saved not waiting for hot water to arrive



GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, provides a full and complete set of:


  • Repair
  • Replacement, and
  • Installation


services for most types, brands and models of hot water recirculating systems.


Repair and Replace Services


When an existing hot water recirculation system needs repair, or fails to deliver instantaneous hot water, we can:


  • Quickly diagnose the problem
  • Provide a cost-effective solution, and
  • Offer a free no obligation solution quote


We provide a complete set of repair and replace services for most types, brands and models of hot water recirculation systems.  Please note that we do not repair pumps – our experience shows that when pumps break or fail to operate properly, replacement is the most practical and cost-effective alternative.


Installation Services


If you are tired of waiting for hot water, contact GPS Plumbing.  We call install a hot water recirculating system that ensures the uninterrupted flow of hot water to every faucet, tub or shower in your home. 


The contemporary systems are quiet, inexpensive to operate and relatively maintenance-free.  Contact GPS Plumbing at (469) 777 - 0217 for any plumbing need or would like more information about a hot water recirculation system installation.