Several different systems make up a building’s plumbing including the:


  • Water distribution system (WDS)
  • Drain-waste-vent system, (DWV)and
  • Gas distribution system (GDS)


A plumbing inspection includes:


  • The inspection of these systems
  • An assessment of their condition
  • The identification of any immediate and necessary repairs, and
  • The detection of any potential future problems


Plumbing inspections are especially prudent when purchasing or selling a home – they provide an independent assessment of the plumbing systems and estimated costs for any repairs.



Much like your annual check-up at the doctor, your plumbing system deserves the same attention and care.  The best way to prevent a plumbing disaster is to have regular, thorough whole house plumbing inspection. 


Inspection costs are more than offset by the amount of money saved to repair a plumbing disaster such as a backed-up sewer line that floods a dwelling. 


GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, inspects and evaluates:


  • Drain systems
  • Waste systems
  • Vent systems
  • Water distribution systems
  • Fixtures
  • Hot water systems
  • Gas distribution system
  • Plumbing appliances, and
  • More


If you need a whole home plumbing inspection call GPS Plumbing at (469) 777 – 0217.  We will inspect all plumbing systems, document any present of future problems and provide a repair estimate.