An icemaker is a consumer device that makes ice and is located inside a modern refrigerator freezer.  Today, icemakers are standard equipment on most contemporary refrigerators and an option on most other models. 


About Icemaker Plumbing


Icemaker plumbing is the supply lines, valves, and other components that are responsible for the continual supply of potable water to the icemaker.


Icemaker plumbing consists of the:


  • Supply lines
  • Shut off valves, and
  • Other components


that are responsible for the continual supply of potable water to the icemaker.

Icemaker Plumbing Services


GPS Plumbing, a full service plumbing company, provides a full line of icemaker plumbing services including:


  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Complementary


Installation Services


The installation of plumbing for an icemaker can be an intricate process that involves the connection of new mechanisms to existing piping and water lines.  Most icemakers come with plumbing instructions for those do it yourselfers, but we highly recommend that you have a licensed master plumber like GPS Plumbing do the installation.  Our services ensure the icemaker plumbing:


  • Conforms to all applicable local codes and regulations
  • Preserves the sanitary and functional condition of the water supply system


Our installation services include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Determining the best way for the water supply line to run from the cold water supply source to the refrigerator
  • Installing a ¼ turn brass body shut off valve at the water supply source to allow for maximum water flow to the appliance and too help ensure years of leak free operation (Note: we do not prefer to use or install self-piercing saddle tap type valves that are prone to leaking.  They can cause severe property damage when the saddle tap leaks)
  • Running the water supply line (copper/braided steel to help ensure leak free operation)
  • Plumbing water supply line with enough slack at the refrigerator to enable the refrigerator to be moved in and out without kinking
  • Connecting the water supply line to the shut off valve and refrigerator
  • Opening the cold water shut off valve
  • Checking all connections and water supply line for leaks
  • Cleaning the work area


Our services extend to most if not all standalone icemaker models, types, and brands.


Repair Services


Icemaker plumbing mostly goes unnoticed and unmonitored until a leak occurs.  Leaking icemaker plumbing can:


  • Cause significant damage to your property
  • Lead to mold and mildew growth and buildup
  • Create an unhealthy and unsanitary kitchen and home environment


If you notice water around the refrigerator or water source, you may have an icemaker-plumbing problem that requires immediate attention.  GPS Plumbing will find the leak, fix the leak, and fix it fast. 


Contact us and please be aware - we do not repair the physical icemaker, only the icemaker plumbing including, water supply lines, shut off valves, piping, fittings, and other home plumbing systems and components.


Complementary Plumbing Services


Being a full service plumbing company, we all provide installation, repair and replacement services including:


  • Reverse Osmosis Systems (water filtration) that could provide clean fresh water to the icemaker
  • Other specialty home and kitchen plumbing services that complement our icemaker-plumbing services