Laundry Room Plumbing

Modern homes have a dedicated space for washing clothes called a laundry room.  It is equipped with laundry centric appliances and multiple plumbing systems.  Some laundry rooms also contain ironing boards, storage cabinets, folding tables, and other laundry related items. 


Laundry Room Plumbing Systems


To facilitate the washing of clothes, the laundry room plumbing includes various plumbing systems and fixtures including:


  • Hot and cold water delivery systems for washing machines and laundry tubs
  • Drainage systems to evacuate waste water from washing machines and laundry tubs
  • Sewer systems for the carriage of wastewater to the sewer system or septic tank
  • Venting to pipe hot and damp clothes dryer exhaust to the outside
  • Gas plumbing to fuel gas powered clothes dryers
  • Faucets, water supply hoses, shut off valves, and other sundry plumbing components


When problems with laundry room plumbing occur, they most likely require the services of a professional plumbing company like GPS Plumbing.

Laundry Room Plumbing Services


We offer a complete line of superior laundry room plumbing services for drains, faucets, dryer venting, gas lines, water lines, shut off valves, washing machine hoses, utility sinks, hook-ups, and other services including:


  • Drains – cleaning, repair, replacements
  • Faucets – repairs, replacements, installation
  • Dryer venting – repairs, replacement, installation
  • Gas lines - leak detection and repair, new installations, relocations
  • Water lines - leak detection and repair, new installations, relocations
  • Shut off valves – repairs, replacements, installations
  • Washing machine hoses – replace, install
  • Utility sinks - installation, repair and replacement of plumbing elements, clear clogs
  • Hook ups - washing machines, dryers
  • Other services - other general maintenance and repairs, senior living modifications, tankless water heater – repair, replace, install, conventional water heater – repair, replace, install, water softeners – replace, install, and plumbing services