Plumbing Code Violations

Plumbing code violations are the result of a plumbing system(s) failure to adhere or meet the minimum set of rules and standards.  Both residential and commercial properties are subject to plumbing code violations.  Violations commonly results from:


  • Routine commercial building inspections, building renovations, and or individual complaints filed against older substandard buildings
  • Dwelling renovations performed without a permit, substandard/illegal plumbing (such as certain drains), and renters or neighbor complaints


Most if not all, plumbing violations require correction, and usually stem from a lack of understanding of the applicable plumbing codes.  If you believe your property may or is violating some codes, we encourage you to contact us.  Our code violation and correction services fix code violations and bring your plumbing system in compliance with all rules, regulations, and ordinances. 


Plumbing Code Violation Correction Services


GPS Plumbing is a full service plumbing company that fixes all plumbing code violations in commercial or residential buildings.  We know the plumbing codes and we know how to make your plumbing systems code complaint.


Our code violation plumbing services fix:


  • Inadequate drain slope

  • Unvented traps

  • Flat venting

  • Horizontal vent below flood rim

  • Inadequate cleanouts

  • Inaccessible clean-outs

  • Inadequate air gaps

  • Inadequate space around toilets and basins

  • Pressure and temperature relief of water heaters improperly installed

  • Inadequate combustion air

  • Other violations


If you have an outstanding plumbing code violation gives us a call.  We will fix it and all other violations, and restore your plumbing to code compliancy