Most older homes in the DFW area are were originally plumbed with galvanized iron pipes.  As galvanized iron pipes age, they rust and corrode.  Corrosion ultimately reduces the inside diameter of the pipe and creates the condition known as “low water pressure”.  The aging process of galvanized pipes also creates the conditions under which microscopic bits of rust and other minerals release into the home’s water supply system (WSS).  All the released rust, corrosion and minerals adversely affect the quality of the water used for drinking, bathing, cooking and other uses. 


Common Signs That You May Need Repiping In Your Home


Some of the most common indicators that a home needs a repipe include:


  • Low water pressure or volume
  • Brown, red, orange, or yellow water
  • Metal tasting water
  • Slab leaks
  • Mold or mildew
  • Problems using more than one fixture at the same time - scalding
  • Recurrent leaks in the WSS piping
  • Polybutylene, or kitec piping with yellow fittings
  • Galvanized iron pipes
  • Pipes 50 years old or older


What Is a Home Repipe


A home repipe is a complete replacement of all the existing water supply system (WSS) piping:


  • Beginning at the transition point between the exterior and interior water service line (WSL), and
  • Terminating at all the indoor or outdoor plumbing fixtures


Repipe Benefits


The benefits of a repipe are:


  • Increased water pressure
  • Clean, clear, colorless water
  • Improved hot water delivery to all fixtures and appliances
  • Elimination or mitigation of costly water damage and repair bills caused by leaking pipes
  • A leak free water supply system
  • A new sense of security and greater peace of mind
  • Increased value to your home
  • Restored and leak free plumbing that mitigates daily stress and improves peace of mind
  • A healthy building environment


Repiping Materials


We recommend and repipe with either:


  • Copper, or
  • PEX


Copper or PEX are the materials of choice for water supply plumbing today, and both will provide years or reliable service.


Who Should Do the Repiping


Repiping is a complex undertaking that requires the skill, expertise, and experience of an experience, professional and licensed plumbing company - GPS Plumbing.


GPS Plumbing Repiping Prices


GPS Plumbing does not have a set price for a home repipe.  Each repipe is unique and priced accordingly, to ensure fair, honest and competitive prices.  In general, the price of a repipe depends upon:


  • The scope of the job (how big or small)
  • The type of re-pipe material selected (copper or PEX), and
  • How difficult or easy the re-pipe will be


Before you commit to a re-pipe, contact GPS Plumbing.  GPS Plumbing will provide a free no obligation:


  • Assessment of your water supply system
  • Recommendation that a repipe is warranted or not warranted
  • Price quote for a repipe if needed


If you need a repipe, our services include repiping the entire home that includes:


  • The replacement of all hot and cold-water pipes, fittings and other related plumbing components to all indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures


Call GPS Plumbing at (469) 777 -0217 for all you repiping and plumbing needs! Our services will make your plumbing better!