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Slab Leak Repair Frisco

In many homes, water and sewerage lines are situated below the foundations. When there is water leaking below the concrete slab that makes a part of the foundations then you will need to go in for leak repair as soon as possible.

Slab leaks can be a result of fractured water or drainage lines, high water hammer that causes joints in pipes to leak, movement of the earth in foundations that lead to fractured pipes, the intrusion of tree roots, electrolysis that causes pipe corrosion or other reasons. Slab leaks are often called foundation leaks because they occur in this region of the structure. They do not have to be caused by a torrent of water from large holes but can leak that are small and will gradually grow till it causes damage to foundations.

Warning signs of a slab leak can come from high water bills, the sound of running water when all taps are closed, dampness in carpets and floors, floor being warm in spots, buckling floors, musty odor that points to the presence of mold, cracks in walls, and movement of foundations. Signs that your water meter keeps running even when you shut off the water is a sure sign that there is a leak somewhere.

Leak Detection Work Must Be Carried out Before Time Runs out and Foundations Get Damaged

As soon as you have doubts about a slab leak, it is best to call in an experienced plumber who has the skill and knowledge to detect and repair such leaks. The detection of the slab leak will require a visual inspection of the home, and if this does not give definite results, plumbers may carry out other methods, like the use of detection equipment that can pinpoint the position of the leak.

This allows the leak to be detected without having to break or damage any floors until the exact point of leakage is decided. These pieces of equipment detect the leak electronically.

Once the leak is detected, and it is known whether the leak is in a water pipe or drainage pipe, the type of conducting the leak repair can be decided. It may need the repiping of the plumbing system, rerouting pipes that are damaged, and may require opening up of foundations. The use of epoxies and other pipe coatings can also lead to efficient leak repair.

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Where drainage pipes need to be repaired, it is possible to use trenchless plumbing repair techniques to repair or replace the damaged section of the pipe. In case the slab leak has caused damage to the foundation, this leak must be repaired before any foundation repair is undertaken.

It is important that slab leak detection and repair are conducted by plumbing experts who use specialized detection equipment and other modern tools to carry out the repairs. Where pipes are buried in foundations, the concrete around the pipes does not make them immune from leaks, and a leaking pipe can cause foundations to shift and cause additional strain on the pipes that will make the leak bigger.

Slab leaks will definitely leave clues, like wet spots, warm spots, the sound of running water and others, and an alert homeowner will do well to heed these signs and call in the experts before the leak starts affecting the foundations, and make all the required repairs a much costlier affair.

Plumbers can use hydrostatic pressure tests to detect leaks and pinpoint their location so that the method of repairing the leaks can be decided. Before you undertake any repairs, it is best to have your entire plumbing and water system inspected for leaks, so that all necessary repairs are carried out at the same time.

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