The Water Delivery System (WDS) is comprised of two subsystems including:


  1. Water Services Lines, and
  2. Water Supply System


Water Service Lines (WSL)


  • The system of pipes, fitting, valves etc. that connect the water main with a house and deliver potable water from the water supplier


Water Supply System (WSS)


  • The system of pipes, fittings, valves, etc. that connects plumbing fixtures and appliances with the WSLs and supply hot and cold potable water to faucets, showers, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures or appliances.


GPS Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company, offers a broad set of Water Service Line services including:


Leak Repairs


  • We Find Leaks
  • We Fix Leaks
  • We quickly and efficiently get your water flowing leak free


Replacements & Installations


  • We install new PEX or copper piping from the water meter and tie it into the Water Supply Lines




  • We annually inspect the water line
  • We detect and repair any problems that could cause future interruptions and loss of potable water to the home

Warning Signs of Water Service Line Leak


Following are some common warning signs that indicate that a water service line many have a leak:


  • Unexplained unusually high water usage bills
  • Unforeseen and unexplained flooding or pooling of water usually adjacent to the underground water service line route
  • Extremely low water pressure
  • Constantly sound of running water


If you notice or experience any of these warning signs call GPS Plumbing - you most likely have a water service line leak or rupture that requires immediate attention.  GPS Plumbing repairs, replaces, and installs water service lines across cities in North Dallas, Collin, and Denton counties.


If you have a water service line problem, we will provide the most appropriate repair or replacement solution that:


  • Minimizes cost
  • Mitigates property damage, and
  • Restores a home’s water service in the shortest amount of time


Water Service Line Water - Leak Causes


The most common causes of water line ruptures or leaks in our area include:


  • Freezing - makes pipes brittle and brittle pipes break and have a tendency to crack or break
  • Corrosion - acidic and water saturated soil destroys the exterior metal of the iron and galvanized pipes and corrosion over time causes iron and galvanized pipes to rust, leak and rupture
  • Aging Water Pipes - water pipes loose strength and durability over time and become brittle, and brittleness combined with high water pressure increases the likelihood of leaks, fractures, and breaks
  • Physical Damage - water pipes accidentally damaged by construction work or renovations create leaks, fractures, or breaks
  • Excessively High Water Pressure - when pressure inside the pipe is greater than the strength of the pipe, this condition causes pipes to leak or fracture
  • Poor Workmanship - improperly installed joints and high water pressure, cause leaks, ruptures, and breaks in the water line
  • Polybutylene Tubing - the presence of chlorine compounds in water will cause deterioration of the internal chemical structure of polybutylene piping and the associated acetyl fittings; the deterioration, or chemical corrosion, leads to perforations of the pipes and fitting and their subsequent leaking or bursting.


Repair or Replace Decision Criteria


When to replace or when to repair a water line is a frequently asked question.  Our recommendations are based on the following:


Service Line - Age


  • The useful life of a typical water line = ~ 50 years
  • Recommendation
  • Replace – when water service line is over 50 years old
  • Repair – when water service line is less than 50 years old and not lead or galvanize steel and if repair is legal and makes economic sense


Service Line - Code Restrictions


  • Many municipalities restrict repairs of lead or galvanized steel water service lines regardless of their condition or age
  • Recommendation
  • Replace due to code requirements
  • Only legal alternative


Service Line - Repair or replace cost considerations


  • If service line repair is equal to or greater than 50% of cost of a copper or PEX replacement
  • Recommendation
  • Replace


Water Service Line Materials


GPS Plumbing recommends:


  • Copper
  • PEX


As the pipping materials for a water service line replacement – both are code complaint and are modern materials designed for long years of service.